About the blog

Hello !
I try to have a lof of pictures of San Francisco, especially street scenes from the past decades and also from today.

Each one has a date or an estimated date, by vehicule identification for example,  and a link of the placemark. If you have Google Earth the placemark will get you right where the picture was taken. Or you'll see the place on Google Maps.

The Then & Now section is a kind of a timemachine. Same place , almost same point of view but different times!

You'll find also old maps and links about the story of San Francisco.

Feel free to become a member , friend , follower or you can just post comments.

If you have pictures to publish please mail me, we will see together how and what.

And for the people who live in San Francisco your today's pictures are very welcome to be a part of the Then & Now section. Try to find the same point of view like you saw on a old pic and mail me again.

I hope you'll enjoy.

Thank you

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